Yesterday I saw a program on TV about a boy having a severe skin disorder where his immune system is infected and it does not produce the right cells to protect his skin from getting hurt , the outcome is that just by the slightest bump his skin bursts and bruises immensely. His whole life he had to walk with bandages in order to protect his skin. The doctors realized that they could heal him once he went through a bone-marrow transplant; his only donor was his six month old baby brother. The bone-marrow transplant would help his body to reproduce effective cells that could heal him. But in order for his body to not reject the new bone-marrow he had to go through a cycle of chemotherapy, to basically kill his body so that it had no resources for healing and that it had to fully rely on the new bone-marrow. The poor child looked like a corpse after all the chemo and once he was basically ‘dead’ the transplant took place and with it amazing healing. After a few months he was 80% stronger and the disease took an enormous decrease.
It reminded me of us. We are in our human flesh full of sin and infected with an illness that causes sin to prevail. It is so bad that our inward blisters are visible in our behavior. Then we found a bone-marrow donor… in order for us to be saved there was only ONE donor to match ours. He had to be perfect without any defect or sin. The Father knew who He was but it broke His heart to know that His Son was the only match for our disease, and needed to die, but God loved us in our fallen state so much it was a worthy sacrifice. He saw us in our dead state and knew that he had the cells to heal us… and the transplant was successful once His blood cell, the Spirit came into our bruised and infected heart.. But He also wants us to be dead in our flesh in order for His Bone-marrow to be effective. He wants us to turn from our self-effort and be deaden in manner so that His better cells can heal our disease… in a daily manner…in our daily walk, to turn from our self and know that we have a new Cell producing effective life..

Eph 6:10 be empowered in the Lord in the might of His strength


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