My dearest friends I am writing this morning with a bit of a sadness but not lost hope. I was watching a program on television last night that left me with such sadness. In a way a good sadness as I just saw the state of our humanity. How God is so good and righteous and we are but not.
They were talking about how many views their videos got on instagram or something and the one that got the most views and likes was the winner and it was as if there was this weird greed in their eyes. It was almost scary and then I remembered this thing that I heard on internet radio that said studies have now been made to show that people’s brain (now this ‘people’ is a bit vague so hopefully it is not everyone) releases the same hormone when you see ‘likes’ as if you won a big prize, you are in love or got free money…my heart just sank.

Now for those of you who don’t know my history when it comes to blogs and social media just a bit background and unfortunately I have to use numbers and names just to illustrate how we are all so fragile and easily soaked up … I started my blog in 2008 in a real way to share my daily thoughts and I spent daily time with the Lord in that stage of my life and just wrote on my blog whenever I thought I got something that was just great to share with people… I never wanted to write if it didn’t come from the heart and sometimes it left me quiet for weeks. My readers (which I don’t think it is anymore) were hundreds of thousands but my intention was never to do it for readers, my inspiration came from the emails over the world that said they felt down and it help. I couldn’t believe that all types of religions and Christians could even relate to me… a pretty feeble person (hopefully a bit more mature than then)…but still that drove me. My sponsors came from all around the world and my Lookbook did so well with thousands of followers (back then 100 was a lot) that I got brand names all over the world but I had always been very particular as to what content I put on my blog as I did not want to be a ‘sell out’ and that money would not ever influence my blog even if i had only one reader. But obviously it does I got attention from magazines like Vogue and brands that I never thought... I started enjoying to name drop in conversations, (it was a bit weird back then for a South African girl to get those stupid names in your resume)… told myself ‘no man just be proud of yourself’ CRAP man the only thing we should be proud of is the fact that we have Christ in our live… that’s it… sorry to offend but that’s the only thing.. The result was, as time passed I just felt the emptiness in my writings that it became so weak so I just stopped.

The point that I want to make is that these days everyone is a hero in their own right. Society has said to us it’s ok to admire yourself and love yourself. I am not saying taking a beautiful or for that matter quirky photo is wrong but check the intention… I am preaching to myself here. If you have greed in ‘likes’ …once again check your intention.

Now back to my first story of the television program I just saw that we are all the same. We all get irritated with those narcissistic Facebook or instagram photos but go back for more. We feed our eyes on ‘perfect’ lives, friends those are just photos it is not perfect and even as a Christian, life is not perfect struggles come and bad things happen but it is not to kill us, it is environments that the Lord allows to shape his precious stones…US… we cant be shaped without struggle. Perfect lives can’t exist because it is not good for us. God gives us his Grace in those times to choose to turn to Him instead of ourselves and our ability and capability.
Anyway for me my eyes just opened, I recently decided to spend more time with God and to flee from evil (which I must remember every day because every day is a new challenge and that fact needs to go on for the rest of our lives). Practically speaking I starting talking to God, reading his word and listening to positive music and I must say so far it has helped so much. It reminds me of that Hymn that says:

 ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus,Look full in His wonderful face,And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,In the light of His glory and grace,
We need Him so much more in this generation because we are losing Him… DAILY PERSONAL TIME

Much Love


  1. Hi Nadja thank you so much

  2. Anonymous11:10 PM

    i am guilty of this i get short sighted and know that it takes us to spend time with God

  3. Anonymous11:14 PM

    thank you drop over to ladym too

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