O-mag ShOOt

Wow this was one of the most humbling experiences of my life... my sister and I got to the shoot and its about people making a difference in this world i think it is for the Feb addition.. please go any buy it, its worth the read.

The two little black girls in the photo's have been adopted by the family who runs the farm for people who do not have a place to stay, or who have just come out of jail. They are living angels. My sister Alecia and I had such a good time because we met so many characters! Especially Lolly (the little girl with the pink furry things on her ears).

Lolly aka iLolleeh-pop. ..she Is HIV positive , but i have never met a more beautiful girl in my ENTIRE life ! wow.

Also we met NThato the make-up artist who does Charlize's and Oprah's make-up... he was such a bladdy treat!! IT was any amazing day...

my most amazing beautiful sister helped me so much the whole day and i absolutely love working together with her.... we have such a good time always....after that my Friend Charlaine-lee..sorry CHEF CHARLAINE-lee came to visit and we went for...WAIT FOR IT...you wouldn't have guessed... SUSHI!! At late night we came home and had midnight munchies so we went to the garage and bought some (branding ha ha) WOOLWORTHS peppermint-tart...oh my word... anyhoo bye. Ps no ouma interview or circus yet soooo sorry...

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