expressing the inexpressible

Well I haven’t been writing now for a while I don’t know, I felt a bit uninspired …if I don’t write I am not so much enthused…ok or busy.. oh my I do get uninterested easily ,but today I watched a movie that helped …Shine.
 Lately I experienced things and people (including myself) like sheep (not chickens).. We forget to question and just follow everything that’s considered cool-atypical.
That’s also normal right but boring at times... Anyway about the movie: first of all GO AND WATCH IT, its an older movie so rent it, NO...BUY IT! Ok wait I wanted to give a mini review but here’s the new review I just made up: "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley . There’s my review. Today these things made me happy:

My coffee at 6am

Going to the ‘boeremark’ with my mom and my dog pippel

Buying really nice flowers. I don’t know what kind but white and green

Tasting apple and ginger preserve with brie (stunning combo)

Seeing someone smoke in the movie (I know that’s weird but it looked so perfect...and I felt happy
Taking a nap with my dog (YES NO INSOMNIA STILL)

Pics of thing I like or my favorite French singer Francoise Hardy, she also makes me happy.



  1. You seem very much like me! You have a beautiful mind which I feel is a much better compliment than the one I was going to give you about you appearance which is also stunning :)

    random things such As seeing someone smoke in a movie makes me happy as well.


  2. oh my word ash that is such an awesome compliment coming from a lovely girl like yourself!! i love your blog!! such a fan now xx