No insomnia

Oh my goodness…

Time allowed me yesterday to go and watch Bright star.. no wait I MADE TIME… I think that’s possible too in this lifetime! Anyhoo it was …pretty stunning. Everyone in the Cinema had mixed reviews about it (saying it is too poetic and dramatic) ,but I Loved IT although I really felt pretty crap the whole day, telling all the guys not to go and watch it… It stayed with me the rest of the afternoon...and if I really tried hard enough I would be able to start crying in any situation… ok now that’s pretty lame.. But the movie was lovely without being lame.
You really feel that love is real and out there in human form (without it sounding like a song from Postal service... although I love them too… wow so much love). In my experience every emotion in the movie felt tangible. At one time she lies on the bed with the wind coming through the door and I really got Goosebumps all over for a while… no for more that 5 minutes. Now in my opinion that gives great success to any movie, creating a sense of concrete sentiment.

The cinematography, AMAZING.

Ok there’s my review. I hope I am not writing too much and starting to become boring…

But here’s the rest of the day:

Went to Mischa (very cute girl(and newly found friend from steamroom clothing… will interview her sum time)

Helping her with fashion show… ANTI- VALENTINE’S DAY! OH YEH!!

Sat in traffic for an hour… got home… worked… ate… ate and worked… got phone call from one of my best friends Jenine telling me we are going to a spa on Friday for her birthday! I can’t wait! Tonight we are going out for a while and then ….I will be sleeping…. These days I actually get sleep in, its amazing. I don’t have insomnia anymore

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