Butterflies and Haagen dazs

Ahh today was stunning we went to harttties and had lunch and listened to such an amazing lady speak. Its weird how someones words have the ability to speak life in you.. People still intrigue me.. i was looking at photos just now of a girl, she was kind of nerdy when she was younger and pretty cute.. now obviously she grew up and it looks like her lifestyle is pretty much down the drain.

Weird thing about it, you can see in someones face when they start loosing the realness of things that matter. I think i have been there so many times (luckily not too many photos to prove...but loads of zef memories)... but our own works are dead. Its something else that reveals truth ..and turn 'our' works into something we just want to do... :) apart from photos.....

random info -Oh and i have always had a thing for butterflies... i use to collect them when i was a little girl (yes they were dead and did not last so long). Then my ex boyfriend (and great friend now) took me to butterfly world in cape town... I have never in my whole life been so :'oh my word this is ....little bit of heaven'...
aggg whatever sorry i have been like that before i just remembered (when i ate haagen dazs for the first time), but it was just awesome. The butterflies come and sat on my head like little crazy mongrels. ON my HEAD that's so cute! ok then here's some inspiration from butterflies..
oh yes and i want to go movie tomorrow I AM OFFFFFF so happy. So if its a good movie i Will write a review kay .... now i am listening to iron and wine ...ahhh love


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