animals are the one thing that can really cheer me up. I am sitting on my bed with my canine here with me and I read you do give off serotonin by just having an animal near you. I really believe in that.So i decided that my next photo project will be about dogs and their owners. I always hear that dogs resemble their owners... i don't know if it is always true but i can tell you one thing, i think it will totally resemble their personalities... what i also like about the dogs in these photos...they can never fake a pose..ag they are the best models ever... credits at the end.

Credits : the amazing Sarah Beth and read at http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1942909,00.html


  1. The 7th Doggie down....IM IN COMPLETE & TOTAL LOVE with:)
    Makes my heart melt!

  2. I know!! they are all so supeerrrr cute shame and the photos are so well done hay! x