Liefde wat oulik lyk

Well oh well   famous last words ‘going to watch a band’ whatever! I never even did I forgot and as I read my last post (I know its sad, I read my own blog ha ha ha such a follower) I remembered I had to go… and actually wanted to go…but you know what? I never wrote it down in my infamous red diary so there.. the moral of the story WRITE it down…or else you end up watching Idols and Australia …

Today is holiday but I have to write an article (done) for a girl from Barcelona on shoes. I must say I like fancy shoes but then I love a bargain even more. Next I have to write another article for someone from California on fashion… easy…then…oh yes there’s a then… I need to make invoices.. Loads of them (arrrrggghhh I don’t like that too much) …then lunch with a friend … then photo’s maybe later (theres a maybe to that one…I must hear from the kids if its still on at 4pm…) agg I love taking photos don’t even know if I am any good (random info) then…. Uhmm oh yes a braai… ok genoeg gebabbel ek stop nou ..ek love babble en ek bore seker meer ..maar hier is kiekies van mooi liefde ...

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