OLd and Crazy cooL

Hey my dearest number of 28 followers. Ha ha I am writing to you . Sorry i have been so quiet , will be honest and blame is on work and laziness. I get home after a shoot then i feel least interested in my laptop,but dont despair my number of 28, it is Sunday and i have no excuse to be lazy so i compiled a few pictures of Dj Mamy .

Also i forgot to put pictures on of the Oprah shoot i did the other day at Moyo. I tend to be perfectionistic about the photos and always feel i have to edit colour and hues and so on... so i have not had time to edit yet. I am doing two shoots this week for mags so i will try to take cool photos and post (yeh yeh you have heard that one before). Anyway i went for lunch or wait brunch, with my good friend Ben and we went for shopping so that was great. Ben and I dated last year and now its really cool that we can actually be friends...its a first for me and i can really recommend it never thought i would say that! ok my lovely 28 here's pics of an awesome lady of 70 YEARS OLD (dj mamy)... I hope ...when i grow old i will become a little more crazy and maybe also DJ HA HA !!

Ruth Flowers aka DJ Mamy aka Mamy Rock is the sweetest thing since cane sugar! This 70-year-old sensation has stolen our hearts with her one-of-a-kind story and charming persona. Widowed and retired, her life was granny business as usual, a bit lonely, a bit boring and a lot of time to kill, until one night when her grandson invited her to his birthday at one of London’s hottest clubs. They didn’t want let Ruth in, after all she was not exactly the clubs archetype clientele.
Once she got in and felt the energy of the music, the lighting and the people something crazy happened to her, she felt a rebirth. She realized she had to have this life. Shortly after this night, her grandson introduced her to a friend if his who was the director/producer whom would transform Ruth Flowers to Mamy Rock. He branded the granny and gave her a new light. Now she is the coolest DJ in the world, djing the hottest parties in London  and Cannes Film festival...


  1. Sitting here on a sunday morning sipping my tea and browsing my favorite blogs I stumbled upon your fabulous blog and let me just say, I have not laughed so hard or smiled so big as I have after seeing Miss Mamy! LOVE her! Following you...: )

    xx from San Francisco,


  2. ha ha thanx alex and amy :) i think she is sooooo amazing! Would you not also lovvvveee to grow old like that :) xx follow u 2

  3. Aaaah nadjatjie jy maak my lag! Ek wil ook eendag so n awesonme oumatjie wees, ek is nou so amped gaan nou sommer iets in die huis soek waarmee ek geraas kan maak ek slaan sommer n pot.
    Bly om te hoor van jou en ben beer. Wiki wiki wow wild wild west Mish West in da house!

  4. ha ha ha ha MISCHA!! ekt nou so gelag vir jou 'wiki wiki'!!