Old RestinG

Today i went out for coffee. First of all, i put this week as 'OFF' in my diary . Man oh man ..i am not good at being 'off'. My dad told me that i need to rest and prioritize. Sometimes we need to rest.
 I guess.. so i won't write too much . I just need to confess something that i have been thinking about. My last post about beauty and is it needed... HELL YEAH. It is needed but we need to open our eyes and see it in things unseen. I love beauty in flaws (also in perfection wow so contradicting) ... my grans wrinkles... that cute little baby.. and then the cherry on top for me... there's so much beauty in wisdom.Its weird how wisdom opens up your eyes for things you overlooked in the past.. you know we can pray for wisdom too... and we (aka I/me) never do... stupid..

'For this very heart you've shaped for your pleasure'--dis hoe ek dink ons gemaak is, niks kan fulfill soos Hy

tonight i will have coffee again....


  1. i love your thoughts on beauty. uhm and your pictures of beauty, of course.


  2. thanx my dear!! love your blog too :) xx