P.A and Movies

Its so weird...I am 23 turning 24 in this year.. and I am thinking (thinking is a dangerous pastime for me), I am still but a child. Now that can come out uber lame or naive.It really is true I just realized it. I get bombarded with all these grown-up responsibilities (which is really good too), but sometimes i find myself slipping away and watching YSL promotional movies...living in my own thoughts and mind. Its amazing little pieces of art... living in my own thoughts and mind.So i put one on. This post is actually me slipping away and I am off today and have a kazzzziliiionnn emails to send.. but i am going to watch Alice in wonderland rather (IN 3-D!!). It is my off day after all and I swear I tend to be a work-a-holic. I will be getting a P.A soon, I have a scatter brain at times and i need a P.A to do my emails so i can watch my Vanessa Bruno movies, ha ha just joking.Things i like today: Vanessa Bruno.Alice in wonderland (although i hear the movie in it self is not so great). Slush puppy.Sitting on the grass with my dog.Daniel and his 3 friends. My blog. Dreams. Not growing up (maybe miss 70year old DJ influenced me). more to add its only 10.17 am..

ha ha its so funny to have all these responsibilities... but good i feed on it in a way... its like loving pain (but good pain)

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