Today Plans...

Oh the boeremark ...i loved it there yesterday. My moms and I selled Fudge because my sister and her husband went away for the long weekend. I will pretty much sell anything there, just to hang around. But to my disappointment, 'selling' things really is not my calling i have tried it before and have been willing oh so many times but i suck at it. I don't want to force people to buy my things they must just love it to start with. Then my new found friends that i have known for a while but never really 'kuier-ed' with Rineke, Riaan and Hardus came to say hi and we had coffee but i had to rush because i think my mom got nervous selling alone. I always forget to put the photos on off the market, but here's photos of things i found amusing..and then today i will take photo's for lookbook I really am in the mood. Going to bath now bye :) oh yes and tonight i am going to watch bands i think? I hope i stay in the mood...


  1. Nice photos and love your blog, im from Holland and its very weird to see that the South-African language involves dutch words haha, i tried to read one of your posts.. But it is hard to understand haha, im curious is it for you also strange to see Dutch? Of kun je dat gewoon lezen zoals je het Zuid-Afrikaans leest?

  2. ha ha ha Hey Sjaar! Thanx for reading my blog first of all yes afrikaans does involve some dutch heritage and sometimes if someone speaks it slowly you kind of get some words. My mom could speak great dutch at a time although she said the grammer tends to change with certain words :) ek kon so bietjie van daai sin van jou lees Sjaar :)