Wow (I don't know why i just wanted to start with 'wow' today). So the last time I was writing to my much appreciated number of 28 and today i am writing to my hugely appreciated number of 53. I don't know all of you but its so cool to see that there is interest in my crazy head that i don't even understand. 

So  i have actually been on this weird journey since i started my blog. I got bored with life and i felt like i did not live to the fullest. That when i know my God said He died so i could have life in the fullest... those words became so dry and like such a cliche to me. Plus I can be such a hard ass at times just wanting to do my own thing and don't get me wrong it is not like everything is perfect now its actually just this daily walk with God and seeing life...and seeing God. All the more i just see how i need Him so much and am totally confused without Him. I still do my own thing oh so many times but i can feel how He is walking with this complicated, dazed, beclouded messed up girl and helping me do the right thing not by my own strength but with His and making me right with Him everyday. His grace is so big and not lost for anyone and is given daily. I really have learnt that in these past months, it is not a month or week thing...its just a lovely daily walk with someone amazing. As we move near to Easter i am thankful for that cross. I would be lost without it...

i cant do it ...but i know He can do  it through me....


  1. So Inspiring! Thanks for sharing this. God is good.

  2. ahhh kelli it means so much :) xx... God is so good and so patient... me, i am still walking with Him, but He gets my artistic at times stubborn mind :)

  3. Nadja, is so 'n bEaUtiFuL inspirasie...both creatively & spiritually!!! x
    dITTo op ALLES wat jy hierbo se!!!!!!