I won't say much because my other posts has been way long! Here's my yesterday. Wake-up. Coffee. Realize I have flu. Don't want to have flu. Emails. tons of emails. Make-up appointments. I love those. Take appointments. Think about how i need vitamin C. Buy pure orange juice. Sit with my dog. Sit with my dog and drink orange juice. Go to work again. Finish work. Go to Chemist for Vitamins. Meet Chef Charlaine-Lee there by coincidence. Kuier with her. Go to +27 Design cafe. Meet my friend Chrizellie.Drink coffee. Eat Rineke's legendary Turkish delight cupcakes. Dream about heaven looking like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Laugh. Laugh about little kids not being humble. Wishing George Clooney would be more humble. Kuier with Riaan and Hardus. Sit with the 3 siblings around the fire. Go home. Listen to RSG 'normal' series on the radio. Talk with my mom. Laugh with her about being humble. Drink Milo with her. Squeeze a few more emails in. Sleep... Woke up just now.... toooo work :)

Think about Jesus. Think He is so different. Think He is weird. Think He is intriguing ..Think i really want to know Him more just in everyday...He can even love the stubborn child that is me...

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