I Was such a Brat...

Oh my goodness. Today was one of those days...Now lately i don't get depressed because i kind of force myself to be thankful for things i think you can make a conscious decision (clearly not always), but today i was such a brat and did not want to be thankful for anything and felt so crap and depro. Plus ,worst thing you can do is stay in your pajamas and not get out of the house. It was a public holiday, rainy and I was ungrateful ha ha ha then my friend Jeanine smsed me to go for coffee. I was laughing so much because as we talked, we both felt exactly the same way... and you always think you are such an isolated case...You know what...same days are meant to embrace those times too . I went into Exclusive Books, looked around at the art books.. i love origami...got inspired again... prayed and asked God to control those negative thoughts. Not only did He help me but i had such a nice evening with Jenine and JP and we laughed about feeling down sometimes!my Conclusion... when you get depressed: Pray... laugh...if you don't want to laugh.. watch a movie that makes you laugh..listen to music with harps/ violins /world music that combine all (for some weird reason it calms you), GET OUT OF THE HOUSE... sit at your favorite section in Exclusive Books, no fashion mags for the girls they don't really work ... and just browse ...get inspired... i promise in no time that down mood will so have to leave. Remember it does not control you. ok this is Dr.Phillprah signing out ha ha

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