Now a while back (i hope no one takes offence by me telling this), i fell in love for the first time, i loved for the first time(i know it sounds a bit lame) and my heart got broken for the first time. I have always been very naive when it came to love and all things related to it. Well i always saw it as the worst thing possible to open up yourself for something like love and give it your all but then in the end,put yourself in such a vulnerable position to loose it all. I came to the conclusion that it is all worth it. You learn . You mend and you get new life to give it your all again. It has been to date one of the most difficult things for me to go through and at times i even questioned if your heart will be able to give to that extend again. Yes it will.

There is always hope to find it again. I can say that i have not yet (i am starting to sound so sobby) but i don't doubt it one bit. Today i watched this (i have to admit UBER CHEESY) love story, but those good ones..i think it totally influenced me to write this. Being an idealist also does not make me very objective but if i couldn't imagine these things I would go all depressed and grumpy... And i love Postal Service's Lyrics in Clark Gable that said: ''i want so badly to believe that "there is truth, that love is real"
And I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd...
I will say there IS truth and Love is real