My wine farm

I am long due for a good post (but not too long don't worry). First I have not even given a good verdict on how i experienced Cape Town.. Well it was amazing we stayed at this lovely place in Stellenbosch called clouds ( ), they also make their own wine.. I was sitting  on the balcony the one morning and it was raining, dont worry there's a roof on the balcony.
Anyway so it is raining, there's a balcony and i am looking out on this stunning vineyard, the mountains... my snow white room (i swear everything was white.. i love it,  so clean) everything perfect! OHHHH and guess what??! That same perfect day i had my Häagen-Dazs oh i love my Häagen-Dazs! I will be going to Europe in a few weeks so i cant wait to do ice cream there. Also, i am thinking of maybe doing another wine course soon. I did one when i was in Chef School but i totally took it for granted. So i was wondering...maybe i will one day stay on a wine farm, make wine, eat cheese, watch rain and have the simple life..till then i will write on my blog... au revoir

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  1. die vintaged/framed look van jou fodies!!! x