Well today it is morning and its pretty cloudy and rainy which is just more than perfect. This weather makes me think of two years back when I stayed in Cape Town. I really still miss it some days but then other days I like it here because a whole new life has been built here. I have to finish up in a few minutes but i just missed my blog, and needed to make a bit of time to get my daily dose of writing. Anyhoo my weekend was amazingly nice, my friend and I went for a movie:Food inc. I actually want to just write a small review later of how I experienced it out of my perspective. What an eye-opener. After seeing what goes into fast food. We went for KFC, no just joking. For coffee...Then my cute Chef friend made food for us at very close friends of ours guesthouse and cooked the BEST : Butternut soup...Salmon...and Espresso crème brulée(not all mixed on one plate...don't worry). What a culinary feast.

If you know me well, you would know that Breakfast at Tiffany's has been one of my favorite movies to date (maybe before i knew about the hype that went around it), but I absolutely love the way she plays such a quirky, bit crazy character. I think in a subjective manner I really love the movie because I relate so freakishly allot to her character. Audrey is one of my great favorites when it comes to classic Hollywood stars. I love her even more just because she never associated herself with the oversexed co- actors of her time. She still intrigues, even today.

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