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It is 3.26 am ...i cant wait to wake up, and i have been thinking and felt inspired. Now i know when i get inspired it is my need to write and let out. So my last post said that when you get depressed listen to music with harp or something classical. Never would i have thought that this once 'punk loving music Nazi', as my one friend called me at one stage, would research on classical. Maybe it is because of my decent time spent listening to radio Pretoria ha ha. Anyway let me get to my point. The brain always intrigues me and i have always known there has to be things connect the inner part of my being to my mind and other way around.
Then i did research on how music affects the mind and in scientific ways it is used for healing! Ahh wow. Now i have been reading Samuel and I read how king Saul had this tormenting spirit and he had to get David in to play the harp and when he did the spirit left. I know you can argue that it could have been many forms of a spirit and so on,but my point ...there's something about music and the mind and the is beautiful and all so intriguing. I found some research done at a University in 1968 by, Dorthy Retallack here's what she found (so interesting you will freak out...OK maybe only i freaked out), i will put the research found at the end of the post. We even get therapy that is done with music. Why is it that only 'older people' (in majority)appreciate classical? Is it because they have more life experience and have felt the influence of music through the years. Oh i see a new obsession coming. I will be spending some decent time in a music store soon... taking note of moods. By the way, how amazing and deep is music that it has the ability to break something like glass... i think there is more to it... sorry for the long and maybe boring post..but what if certain sounds in music can promote sleep, thinking, and creativity .....

Research took a new avenue when in 1968, Dorthy Retallack, started researching the effects of music on plants. She took her focus off of studying the beat and put in on studying the different sounds of music. Retallack tested the effects of music on plant growth by using music styles including classical, jazz, pop, rock, acid rock, East Indian, and country. She found that the plants grew well for almost every type of music except rock and acid rock. Jazz, classical, and Ravi Shankar turned out to be the most helpful to the plants. However, the plants tested with the rock music withered and died. The acid rock music also had negative effects on the plant growth.

One cannot deny the power of music. High school students who study music have higher grade point averages that those who don't. These students also develop faster physically. Student listening skills are also improved through music education. The top three schools in America all place a great emphasis on music and the arts. Hungary, Japan, and the Netherlands, the top three academic countries in the world, all place a great emphasis on music education and participation in music. The top engineers from Silicon Valley are all musicians.

Napoleon understood the enormous power of music. He summed it up by saying, "Give me control over he who shapes the music of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws" .


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