Up your ziggy with a wawa brush or a jimmy choo pair of shoes...

I woke up this morning feeling more than positive and 'o'h so optimistic ba ha ha ha ha ...little did i know. I had a shoot for a 'very important person'. I had loads of outfits for the 'very important person' to choose from and tons of shoes. Man I had this one nailed... i even brought this 'person' (lets call the person Lolita) fudge as a friendly gesture... Lolita hated everything about me ... i was almost in tears... almost... then i remembered the movie i watched over the weekend -'STIKE!'- AND I THOUGHT ...LOLITA : UP YOUR ZIGGY WITH A WAWA BRUSH. You mean creature(ha ha that sounds a bit harsh),you will not get the best of me, and i will be nice to you back no matter what.. it was hard and very difficult and Lolita did not grow any friendlier and this story does not even reach a point where there's a happy ending ... but i feel good. Lolita did not get me down, in fact i loved today at the end of all. We never got any traffic, and only drove 30min from JoBurg to Pretoria. I still don't know what all  the fuss was about but NOU JA. LOLITA hope you find all the joy you can get from all the designer names out there... and may JIMMY CHOO be good to you.. Here's photo's of inspiration at this stage..

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