ZeLLie an 'P's

Ok it is 11:40 and I really had an awesome night, I decided I just had to write! Well today my friend and I (one of my best friends) had a shoot with clothes that cost up to R60 000 (I think about $6000 for the abroad creatures) and we decided we still love old mr. ripp off ‘P’ (it is a shop that sells all fancy clothing for cheap) even more.. but anyhoo we liked it, not the pricey clothes but the vibe, and this post is actually dedicated to her (zellie). I will not reveal her name, but my zellie is one of the most amazing people that I know! I have no photo’s to do her justice but I decided to do a midnight post, just because I had such a well treated evening by Miss ‘C’ and Mr. ‘P’ (now this is another Mr. p), and one of the coolest days with miss ‘C’. This friend of mine is not just beautiful, but she is one of the few people that gets me. Ai miss ‘C’ I sommer love you so much!!! And I hope I don’t sound like the ‘meisie meisie…oeh I just love all” type ... But this friend is special beyond... If you meet her you will understand why I didn’t even post photos…. She deserves her own post

And Mr. ‘P’… ai toggie what a nice night, no incredible night…… OK now off to my ‘warm kombers’ with my fat dog Pippel jo.. Night night

PS. My dog takes up all the room in my bed she is SUCH A BRAT!

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