Fear? Pffft...

My next post needs to be about cigars and how they are made. Ok but that is just random information. To get more random...you have time for a blog (Angelica) ha ha... no but really, it is one of those things to get you down to a little bit of routine everyday or even once a week . Plus, now this is important... Dr.Phil...or maybe it was Oprah... could have been old Jerry too, with his end show wise words... but anyhoo they also believe (and you know when ‘celeb’ speakers believe something it is pretty much law), find things to be thankful for everyday. We have so much, but somehow something inside of us, likes to put our focus on all things negative... and that leads to losing your joy of life. Sometimes reality sucks and we want to escape it by all sorts of ways (which is needed sometimes), but in my head it makes sense that we should find the good things in the reality of life too.

Leading to my point of post. FEAR.

Fear is something that comes in so many forms and I just realized that it is such a huge instrument to screw us up, if we give in to it. It is very difficult not to give in to it, I struggle everyday ... then) and here is a big ‘THEN’, I feel my Spirit. Now that might sound strange but our amazing God left us with His Spirit and I think He really gets irritated when we want to rely on ourselves, because He is here inside of us, just waiting for us to ask for help cause we mess it up. Man we mess it up so many times. But He is here ... inside... waiting...waiting for us to surrender control to Him..wanting to give true wisdom to show us that there’s so much more to life...and He wants to change us (jinne I find it knotty to get that) . NOT- ‘He wants us to change ourselves’... (That would be depressing because I realized I can’t do that), He wants to give us crazy cool quantities of His Love... just by us asking to experience the real Him everyday... then... (Another ‘then’), oh please note your brain can’t fathom this one... The Love changes you. Not the judgment.

Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love.

Lekker. ok nou is it weer mooi foto tyd kinners (sodat ons nou net kan blerrie heppie raak). wise word signing out. Love Jerry S xoxo

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