Hi my dear seventies,

I had such an amazing day yesterday. First of all I would just like to say thank you to my amazing Jesus for always understanding me. I struggle to understand myself too, but He is so calm and patient with me I would be nothing without Him ,although I still screw up loads from time to time;Anyway I have received tons of emails in regards to my vintage Range ‘Vintage Vices’ that can also be seen on Lookbook
At this stage, time has only allowed me to sell privately as I really don’t want to link myself to anybody. So if you would like to order a catalogue please email at and write in the subject line catalogue. I will find out about postage for anyone abroad. And international payment options.

Ok well yesterday I had to play model for Terese’s new clothing range ‘Nooi’, the photographers are awesome from  welovepictures , I will try and get permission from them to post some of the clothing and then if you like the clothes you will be able to contact Terese. We went to Melrose House in Pretoria Town and it was so stunning there, it looked like a mini old castle. I absolutely loved everything about the ambiance. So I need to go to sleep now... it is already in the morning hours. PLUS ,I need to go out tomorrow night, I told myself that... I have become too much of a work-o-holic. So I guess there will be interesting stories for tomorrow to tell of Tin-tin's evening out!

Have a great weekend all!!


  1. sweet post!!wish u all the best sweetie**love your lookbook*

  2. thanx my darling nells xx