Write paper too

It is still morning well obviously ...and I missed my blog again! Today is a good day. I wanted to start it as ‘today is a rainy day’. But that’s just dumb; I know to what that will lead. Ok well I have not yet had coffee so this post might be non caffeinic (is there even a word like that, well I just invented it) influenced, semi ADD post. I am working in an hour, so I am making this a fast one. I didn’t sleep much last night due to the brilliant and fascinating fact that my dog kept me up. So I need to focus on thankfulness again: Today I like:

The coffee I will have in a minute... to have a dog (even if she does keep me up, she is so sweet)... To have true friends... to have a brain (I really like that one once in a while)... to see rain... to feel cold (I like to be able to ‘feel’) ... to almost be over my flu... to be able to work... to have God in my life although I am always up and down (I guess that’s part of being a human).. To be human and not chosen to be a cow or a sheep or rat or a bat (ok I will stop now)... (Not that I have anything against cows or sheep)... to have a really supportive family in all my crazy ideas... to be able to put my ideas on paper (not really paper but mechanical paper.)

Oh I just have to share this too (and I thought this would be a short post). The other day I was walking and saw the coolest book. It was in a diary form and it say F*%$# Blogs. At the end of every page it also said: comments disabled, I thought that to be so humorous. It was basically motivating people to write again and not just blog. I love that. To write in pen ...on real paper, so I intend and have it in strong consideration, to make sure I balance the two out. Not too frivolous I hope.

au revoir, totsiens

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