Dear Mr. Macaroon from paris. I love you

Last night I went to a lovely friend of mine (Yente)’s pizza evening. It was so special actually; i sat by the fireplace and thought how extraordinary it is to have great varieties of people and friends. Everyone with their special characteristics and mannerism and gesticulation ... each one shaped by the way they were brought up and milieu. We tend to shape our lives in wanting others to act and think the way we do, but it is more about embracing who they are and understanding where they are coming from. I think only then can we truly understand compassion and the purpose of ‘open-mindedness ‘.

Ok that brings me to the Pizza (Yes the people brings me to the pizza). It was beautiful. Perfect and yummy. Now being an undercover/ under practicing chef... I have an immense appreciation for good food. Faultless- excellence.
My trip to Paris brought me to that. I rediscovered perfection in macaroons. The Restaurant – La Duree ( provoked it in a huge manner. In my Almost 24 years of being on planet earth and a human ( i have never, never ever.. did i mention never tasted anything so exquisite as those macaroons (and food for that matter). Every bite (it is very small so literally every little...Tiny bite) melted away and left you with endorphin overload. So this post is dedicated to my moment of euphoria with meeting petite... elfin ... miniature but marvellous macaroon from La duree. He is French, stays in Paris...Does not speak much English but I am convinced he has his own division in heaven.


  1. Gorgeous macaroons! the boxes are just beautiful as well!

  2. oh my goodness you should taste them :) xx