Friends are Tool

Well it has been a pretty busy week for me. I have been doing styling, make-up and hair nonstop mostly editorials for magazines. I still gain so much knowledge each day i work and try to take in as much as possible... So much so that i help with the art direction in the photo’s too. It is a lot for one person on a shoot, but i get this weird energy from doing everything, and i know it is exactly where i should be. Plus i am a perfectionist -Scatter brain. I like my work to be perfect with non-perfect elements if that makes any sense. So in a nutshell: perfect {ness} in creative freedom...does that even make sense? God is really helping me creatively and inspiring me more every day...i really can only give all the honour to Him. I can’t describe how much i enjoy my work and see it as such a privilege to do the things i love with my whole heart. It really is my passion.

That brings me to other passion. I think my friends are all fed up, with trying to get hold of me, but this post is kind of like my peace treaty too. Just to let you know that if sometimes I forget to send text messages back or email, I still love you. So much. This post might seem lame and overly intellectual ha ha. But it really is dedicated to my amazing friends. Thank you for just being. Liking me (not licking...Read carefully), and understanding my crazy mind and silent times. Thank you for still inviting me to parties, inviting me for coffee, inviting me for tea. That really is unconditional love. It’s pretty cool to know these infamous wonderful people. Now all of you will know i love to rhyme, so i composed a rhyme for you:

Friends are cool
Friends make me drool (ok maybe not)
Friends are tool.

Please don’t copy this amazing rhyme. I just put copyright on it. I know my literature skills took on new levels with this rhyme. You guys and gals inspire me!

Friends R tool

1 comment:

  1. Jy is SO bevoorreg!!!
    Jy leef & doen dit wat ek van droom om te leef & doen!!!!!!!!
    Ek is ERNSTIG aan die bid vir iets anders - KREATIEF FRUSTREERD & so SO so UNFULFILLED IN MY WERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Weet Jesus het iets spesifieks vir my, my hart staan Jozi toe...
    As jy van enigiets weet - please let me know!! (check my blog pleeeeeaseee) x
    Jy is regtig 'n inspirasie!!!!! xoxox