Mediocricy creeps in when passion leaves ..

It is early hours in the morning and i find it difficult to fall asleep. I blame it on my power nap I took this afternoon. Midnight awakenings aren’t all that bad and i find them to be pretty productive when you find your days a bit short. I sometimes wish my day had 4 extended hours. Or that I could maybe have just two more arms on the side of me.. The only thing with midnight postings is the fact that i have to recheck my spelling. I tend to be fanatical about spelling the correct way ,and i find myself making those exact mistakes in the middle of the night (that is reasonable i guess).

So i have been meeting some interesting people this past month. People always trigger something in me. They make me happy. I like to study their mannerisms. I have met recently: The arrogant, The shy, the typical blou bull, the new soccer fanatic, the old soccer fanatic, the a.d.d, the truly sincere, the grandmother ...the grandmother that’s 86 and the grandmother that is24... the old friends the new friends. The staying friends and the leaving friends.

Then there are the 'Extraordinaries', that can fill any one of the above... by having this quirky, idiosyncratic love and passion for what they are doing. Passion. Where did it go? Passion in everything that you do? Passion in today. Passion in everything that you do TODAY. Passion keeps us alive (not the passions we watch on tv), true passion. I saw passion yesterday in the guy that made the beaded earrings for me having his portable ‘craft shop’ next to the highway. I saw passion in the guy selling the sunglasses next to the road for the 10000000th time, that i really don’t want and really don’t need, but never one day , have i seen him without that passion that he tries to sell it to me every day. Mediocricy creeps in when passion leaves ..but Passion is easy to regain. It’s a conscious decision to work at being positive and excellent. Pretty much seeing good, in things that aren’t necessary so great and going for it without stopping. It is something inside...

Ok little miss sunshine signing out. or Mrs. Dr Phill


  1. Great post! Passion is definitely a key to life. I love this blog. I always feel inspired by your stories and photos.

  2. Thank you so much. It is always so great to hear that someone gets inspired because that really is inspiration back at me :) xx