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Hello my numbers

Some numbers i know others i don’t. But numbers to you, i am writing about my ‘the other day’. I had the privilege to do a shoot for Oprah magazine where we went to the Tennis Wheelchair association. It was amazing and while we were there, there was this vibe of people soooo not feeling sorry for themselves but really joyful and happy .Not one looking morbid or gloomy. Most of the people that were there have been handicapped since childhood and others have been in some sort of an accident, causing them to be paraplegic. The one guy (25) I spoke to, was the best sports man in his School and one evening as they were driving, someone drove into the car and he became paraplegic. His whole life had to change in an instant. No more partying like crazy, no more staying out until late and being independent . Everything changes. Your outlook on life changes. The most wonderful thing of all, is the fact that he is so positive. He sees it as another life he gets to live. Not relying so much on his own capabilities but using them in sync with people’s help. That's perfect. He gets to see life in a whole different perspective now. I just realized that every single minute we get, each day is a gift . I use to hate that clich├ęd talk. When i say it slow and think about it, it is kind of true. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Live today to best of your capabilities. Just today. Then it forms a lifestyle. Be thankful not fearful. Live to give glory to your creative creator ...

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