Rave is not a cure

I got so frustrated i was looking for my origami book last night and i couldn’t find it any where. Now in my recent discovery of the human mind (not animal, please do not mistake), it is often a good idea to distract all negative thoughts by overpowering it with something that your mind considers ‘good’. Let me explain. For me, i need a certain amount of creativity in order to maintain a decent capacity of sanity. Last night i needed origami.

The whole day Sunday...06-06-10 ...i was like a hermit. It was weird. I am not ever like a hermit (ok maybe sometimes... ‘ever’ is a bit long) . I need people. Even if i can just observe them ...sit by them... not having to speak. So because the hermit crept up in me, there had to be distraction. Some sort. Origami in this case. Origami always makes me happy. So here is info about why origami is therapeutic. Oh yes ...and no i didn’t find my book so i couldn’t distract my thoughts... i could only listen to my neighbour’s rave music that he played so loud and made sure he got everyone, including the hermits, in the mood for a party. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

Info: (wow by the way)

Origami has been proven to possess therapeutic advantages. The activity is been used to help individuals with psychological aspects such as feelings of acceptance. People who are having emotional and mental problems sense a feeling of acceptance while being taught the art of origami. Realizing someone is willing to take the time to teach and show them how to do this activity promotes positive emotions. When origami is demonstrated in a group setting, it helps the troubled individual experience a sense of belonging. It enables them to interact with others and connect with people who they can relate to. It's also a bonus when origami is being taught by a psychologist because any time a person feels the need to share their feelings, there's a professional there to intervene... wow

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