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Who are these people?

I have often wondered what characteristics history makers have. I mean those people that really changed everyday life to greatness. Who are those other people that did not change anything and love to tell you how it can’t be done.
Did the history makers have anything in common with each other? Do the negatives have anything in common?
I know most of them were seen as pretty tipped off and mad. Let’s take Leonardo DaVinci. He is pretty commercial and most people know him.

Who was he (Leonardo the great):
-astronomer, sculptor, geologist, mathematician, botanist, animal behaviourist, inventor, engineer, architect and even a musician
- He liked to write in codes and mirror image
- He was seen as indecisive and couldn’t settle with one career.
-He had a great amazing mentor (Verrocchio) that was a renowned sculptor, painter and goldsmith...
- Some of his first experiments with flight began by attaching homemade wings on a lizard.
-He was seen as fanatical and mad because of his copious ‘out of the box’ ideas. He went ahead anyway... (A few people saw the potential though and supported him)

.....Who is that person telling you it can’t be done....?

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