Tea and Wine

I am back from Europe and boy oh boy do I have loads of stories to tell! Every day from now on, depending on my crazy content of my brain, I will have a short story about a memorable day in Europe or a happening. I think we visited like 8 countries and every country has at least 3 funny stories, I promise I will try and keep them semi short. I missed my blog so much though.

I couldn’t write anything because you tend to want to explore and when you get to go on the internet it is already in the middle of the night and you are tired. HEAR THAT?? I got tired in the evenings! No insomnia or late night work!

Ok so here goes my first story or more so an experience.
I realized a while back I am a very spiritual person and if my spirit is silent or not corresponding to the rest of my being I get sad/mad/bad/not rad/unglad/couldn’t think of more. Then I look...I wait...I sit ...get frustrated... I drink tea.. I drink coffee ...I drink wine...I drink Milo. Nothing works. I go to exclusive books ...I get happy but the next day...PHOOOO. GONE. Then I realize, i missed my spirit.As in 'wish you were here' miss. 

No when we were in Europe everything was just such a rush and very exciting at that, but I never got 5 min just to be silent before God. Now I sit and a feel so empty after a week. Man that got to me. Then all of a sudden my God shows me something. HE IS ALL AROUND ME. The whole earth is filled with the glory of God. That was immense and enormous and perfect and magnificent and just what I needed. All of a sudden my thoughts that focused on the ‘I don’t feel you God’ turned to ‘wow look at these awesome people I have met and the superlative nature that you created’... He is good and so faithful. Plus He is a world class traveller that joined me in every country and never left me.

So moral of this story. See Him in all things that He created. Every person every little ladybird.

Paris Je t'aime .

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  1. I just looove the pictures and the posts you write. I'm gonna read allll of the posts it's just perfect :) I actually learn ALOT from you, keep it up and thanks xx