the Duke & the Duchess.

Now that I would be crush less. I met a new interesting character. He was a cross dresser and drag queen. I have never met a ‘real life’ cross dresser at the age of 17. I found him very amusing. As i think back, he had such a great influence on my choice to become a make-up artist. We actually once decided to go and study it together.

A few weeks into Chef School i had become semi familiar with my fellow peers. Although i had at once stage deliberately chosen to be anti-social. I don’t know why ,but i decide things like that on occasion.

Week one of deciding i would now be a lone wolf, Mr-miss approached me. I did not want to talk to him. I wanted to be alone. He did not leave me alone and started to talk to me about pastry. I really didn’t want to know anything about pastry but his passion would soon be contagious. He would be the first person that would awaken my new favorite category of food.

I called him chic-chick and he started to share his infatuation with me concerning books and great art in food. Chic-chick would invite me over to the student house and would play Enya music because it was his favorite, while sipping on a glass of vodka. Absolute Vodka. Vanilla Absolute Vodka. He would not settle for anything mediocre. I never really liked the music he played to me, but somehow it suited the vibe and his persona just perfectly. We would chat for hours about interesting books and I found him to be a real inconspicuous intellectual. Chic-chick was actually way more girly than me. One day he decided to share his life dream with me.

Being very extravagant i could sense his dream would be too. He poured another glass of vodka and the honesty levels would be sky high. He told me he was not sure about becoming a chef... he wanted the simple life...all he really wanted... was to marry a Duke and become a Duchess. Having servants feed him pastry all day and dressing up in emeralds and pearls. It wasn’t too much to ask... On that minute Enya’s song started playing ‘once you had gold’.

The moment would be cinematic... and we would sit in silence... ‘Absolute’ silence..thinking ..


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