Glow bugs

Oh, now in the ‘little skin left’ week I experienced something new that was pretty grand and imposing. It felt as if my life has been this clay pot that’s been perfectly intact and safe. You know the look of the typical clay pot. I imaged one that looked somewhat light brown in colour and had been freshly baked, yes you get the idea. What my wax did, literally (Yet again He used something so small to illustrate this to me..Like a wax, i still laugh), It broke my pot.

He showed me how my pot needs to have tiny little holes in it, in order for His light to shine through. It needs to break a little everyday so that He can gleam out. I need to have a full dependency on ONLY Him. I focused my attention so much on people and their opinions, that it kept my life safe and ‘whole’... i needed to break a bit. So in that depro state I got this tremendous picture to hold on to.

Needles to say, the picture went away every time I looked at the waxed part. But now that it is gone, I can see it even clearer ( ha ha the skin and the picture) . Every day in a sense, should be lived for the fixation that’s bigger than us. Yes, I still mess up from time to time and get those days that I did something I knew went against the grain of who I really am... but we are all in progress. If we look at the bigger part of which we are, that is God in us. We have so much more to live for. I can’t ever claim that I now live this life that is just perfect and without wrongdoings, oh to the contrary, i can mess things up to a pretty great measure, that is why I need God so, to help me because my ability is not enough...He changes me, by my pot having holes for Him to glimmer through, not me.

We are little glow bugs. Bugs yeh


  1. your pictures are so beautiful!

    really love it


  2. your pictures inspired me to open my window curtains and let the light shine in.

  3. ahhh thats awesome :) ! Ugotome it is weird you say that... beacause the whole day yesterday I was just like 'in tune' with lights.. the monrning i also opened the curtains for this crazy bright light to come in and the evening the moon was shining so bright it was almost freaky! x