Mr. Mowhawk with hormone infiltrated fast food..

So my infamous High school crush came parading through the door with his lovely Mohawk. Back in the day i had such a soft spot for any guy with dreadlocks or a mow hawk. We greeted politely and i offered them some of the goat’s cheese canap├ęs, that i had on a flat white plate. Upon bringing the plate up to eyes level, i dropped everything on his neatly polished black Doc martens. Nice...once again. Oh the night would start great.

I eventually got my head straight and directed them to their exquisitely made up table. Glasses shining like crystals and linen serviettes folded in quirky shapes. I just kept conversation minimal throughout the evening, too avoid questions coming my way that i could not answer. When I got to the kitchen i felt so depressed, as my crush for Mr. Mohawk would still be protruding in my heart. He was always the intellectual and humble one without trying too hard, which always gets my attention. It seemed nothing had changed and now he would be a food connoisseur too?

I came back to ask for their choice of food from the superb menu, that i had just memorized and had to give an overview off. The parents knew the menu well, as they were regulars to our restaurant. They gave me their order. I started to stare in Mr. Mohawk’s blue eyes... waiting.... more waiting... now getting hints of irritation. Now experiencing loads of irritation. He spoke the words: ‘Mom and dad catch you later, friend and I are off to get some fast food somewhere and I need a smoke.’ He just dissed the most awesome restaurant and chose to replace it with ‘hormone infiltrated fast food’. Intellectual? Heck no, the crush started to break ... literally once again.

I took his wine glass from the table and in deep thought had exit the restaurant through the sliding doors. With the glass in my hand i tried to push the door open. Someone had the same idea on the other side and on that exact moment we pushed the door on the same time onto each other’s faces. Me, even breaking the ‘Crush’s glass. YEHHH it was symbolic. Although i now had a bleeding finger, bump as big as an egg on my forehead and a little light-headedness’... my crush would now be over for good... i started to love Chef School more everyday...

Pffft fast food!


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