Wax on wax off

Well today it is time to write again. I have been working and again I feel so privileged to have the best job in the whole world. This month I did lots of shoots and then one of the highlights for me, doing make-up for people from the Soccer world cup. Man that was great. So awesome we even had our own chefs. I know real brats. And everything was so fancy they came to speak to us about how nothing were to be revealed or spoken to the press. Ha ha It felt so undercover.Another highlight a really awesome Beijing magazine did a 5 page feature with me ... I was just freaked out because i love that magazine. I will post the photos in a while. Then more news. Odd magazine, that i absolutely adore, also did a small article on me and my blog. Wow it feels weird being noticed for doing what you love. Ok enough about me. I will speak some cool things now.

The weirdest story: (please note it is a little over share)
The other day Miss Seale decided to get some lovely lash extensions, my guilty pleasure. Being the impulsive person that i am, I want what I want NOW. So I phoned around and in a jiffy got a lovely lady to fulfil my short term dream of lash extension. I entered the salon territory filled with the smell of nail products and soft music playing... the ambiance that of the real ‘tannie-salon’, i loved it. I knew i would go back to the ‘Lash-haven’. She started with the lashes as we chatted and talked about everything. Then...here comes the ‘THEN’ . Lady unknown enters the room. Now, i am lying on the bed with my eyes literally glued together. Lady unknown start talking about how wonderful a wax is and how she only swears by it and on and on she goes. Now having an inner tomboy in me, i have never had something like a wax before and have always been against the mere thought of yellow stuff ripping off your skin! Lady unknown made the wax sound like pure bliss and that i would be lost without it. Easily persuaded. I was in, and would now have my first wax.

She heated up what looked like a pot you stew in chicken, and the aroma of a some-like medicine odour filled the air. Then everything now slow-motion: warm wax on- rip off- more on- PAIN-OH- PAIN. On.rip.on rip. I was in pain yes pain. Maybe i am a sissy but i was told that it would only get a little red. Next thing some of my skin was ripped off!! It was a catastrophe. I was so depro with my long lashes and ripped off skin. I had to stay home for a week!!Now in that week something awesome spiritually happened. It is weird how God needed to get me down on my butt to be at home by using a fricken wax. Ha ha. Next post will reveal what I experienced in that week .

au revoir lawax


  1. wauw i like your blog!

    nice pics.


  2. Congratulations on a beautiful blog! You are such a soulful person. No pretences and nyou love God. How awsome. I am so blessed to have discovered your blog via beneaththebleach
    Be blessed always.

  3. Wow I cant tell you how much it means to me to hear comments like this... i feel truly humbled xx

  4. your blog is amazing..pictures are beautiful and is lovely to read!