Beauty in silence

I needed silence this weekend. Just total silence. If you try and find it,it is kind of difficult there is always something going on and someone wanting you to do something. At times i just need seclusion to recharge. I need things to be quiet, still and I need to breathe.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul... In Breathe Rob Bell says something that’s so profound:

When you let God in, when you breathe, what happens is you become aware of all the things you need to leave behind, everything you need to let go of. You are a sacred creation of God. The divine breath is flowing through you. And as you slow down, may you become aware that it is God that we live and we move and we breathe.

He breathed into us. Every breath is speaking of His glory even when you don’t feel it and don’t realize it... and feel far. SLOW DOWN. Breathe. We become living again... beauty in the silence


  1. amazingg :)I could stare at the 1st pic for hoursss its so relaxingg!

  2. Did You take these pictures? They're so pretty..
    I found Your profile on and then your page and I am so delighted! Your pcitures are very inspiring..
    Are You taking pictures professionally, for magazines, agencies? Forgive me, but I am curious which school of art have You graduated?
    Take care(:

  3. Just found you blog, and have fallen absolutely and completely in love. Following you from now on xo

  4. ahhh wow thanx soooo much for the cool comments :)igu i do take photos but i dont know if i am any good. like my latest lookbook one i took myself and then other photos i get from mags or cool websites that usually fit the post that i did. I studied in South africa :)