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No its not just a band its people. Random. Interesting. out of the ordinary. crazy fun kids working around me. Giving in to my endless questions. Welcome to Wh0's the Wh0.First Wh0 round goes to dah dah dum....
Jean Paul Brouard. Senior Designer for a local fashion retailer .Let them Questions begin:

••Who is JP and what does your name mean••
designer// blogger //illustratorI'm actually really fascinated by words and names and their origin, but weirdly enough I've never really looked up my the meaning of my own name. My full name is Jean-Paul. i don't think it really works as a full name search so Jean is French for John and means "God is gracious" and Paul comes from the latin Paulus which means "small or humble", which is a tad ironic as I'm over six foot.

••Do people become intellectual from blogs or books? • • To a degree, both increase your intelligence and I'd say your creativity. Blogs are a great source of inspiration and creativity, but are a kind of a passive form of mental stimulation. They're great but they supply ideas, words and visuals and don't require much brain power. Books however, demand that you engage your imagination to build a ever-changing view of what you're reading. Books are a much more active form of mental activity. They exercise a part of your brain, namely your imagination, that would otherwise like dormant if you're plonked in front of the telly.

•• Do blogs have an influence on your everyday life• •
Blogs play a major role in my life. I have my own blog which has become a part-time venture, due to my workload. I work as a Senior Designer for a local fashion retailer, so a large part of my job is browsing the net from blogs to fashion sites and finding the latest trends, fashion reference and generally keeping up to date with what's hot. That's a great part of my job, I get paid to browse the net. Some might wish that was all they did, but I enjoy taking that knowledge and building a campaign out of it....that's the challenge. Contrary to popular belief, design is far more about problem-solving and finding solutions, then making things look great.

• • Cat or dog person• •
Dog person. Cat people are deceived. Cats don't need you. A cat won't come running up to you and be genuinely stoked to see you. Cat's don't smile, like my dog does. So I'm definitely a dog person. We have a non-yapping, beautiful Maltese who is amazing!

• • Do you feel it is legit to call a gold fish a pet• •
Yes. I do. Gold fish are far more challenging to keep alive then a dog or a cat. I used to have a fish tank. I didn't have any goldfish, but I had a span of guppies that kept favouring the option of becoming fish biltong then the idyllic environment of the tank. I'd find them between my bed and the desk, crispy and dried. Leapt to their death...horrid thing!

Wel Jp great Chatting to Ya,time ran out gotta check on me gold fish...
adios amigos//

Picture credits 1,2 : welovepictures
Picture credits 9 :Lanel Janse Van Vuuren
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  1. Great interview! I am with you on the dog-cat thing. I love my dogs - and they love me hugely!

  2. JP is like everyone's big brother. Not only because he's exceptionally tall but because of his caring big brother nature. And Ladies - he's handsome to. Even more than me i have to admit. When in Durban - enjoy his company.


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