microwaves don’t do smoking

So when in Hospitality industry... do what Hospitality industry requires and go on practical. I had the privilege to go to a five star Boutique hotel and met my other mentor Susan. She worked as the head chef and supplied me with endless hours of laughter. We had so many good times but one in particular that stood out would be the experiment of the cigarette.

When working as a chef you kind of loose your sanity at times. You either drink lots of wine or litres of water. We opted for the water. Litres, literally.

The ambiance that day would be lovely and spring-summer-like... so we got thirsty. We decided to hold a bet to see who could drink the most water in the fastest time. When it comes to a challenge i am always in and we started to down litres of water. UGGGHHH bad idea. At litre number 2, Susan and I couldn’t anymore and felt pretty sick. The sickness led to dizziness and the dizziness to lunacy. It made us come up with the experiment. The cigarette experiment.

What happens when you put a packet of cigarettes in the microwave? Ever wondered? We thought it to be very deep and a profound query at that time... after the robust water intake of course. We took the packet and placed it neatly on a plate inside the newly bought microwave.

The light went on and the packet started turning in spherical movements. We waited a while. Nothing. How boring, it is as if the cigarettes liked the microwave. It should make sense. They do thrive on heat. Lighters to be more precise.

As we waited we got a bit cantankerous. Needless to say we didn’t turn the microwave off. The next thing, smoke filled the inside and we couldn’t see the image of the packet swirling around anymore. All in flames. The poor microwave had to smoke about 10 cigarettes at once and being a newly found smoker the mechanical lungs freaked out. The microwave body too. It couldn’t take the nicotine ( i guess it wasn’t just the nicotine..If i have to be honest). We took the packet out and tried to clear the air with air-freshener. Wow what a mess. Flames... freshener... smoke... everything filled the air. Luckily for us ,we were the only ones there and could clean the mess up pretty soon... Although the microwave had to go to microwave heaven we completed our experiment. Our questions could now rest in peace.
Myth busters 101. No ...microwaves don’t do smoking


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