narcissistic diary?

Ok new subject.

I am going to deviate from my usual stories just a little and write what i have been up to. It sounds a bit narcissistic i know, but i need to actually also put it down on ‘paper’. Mechanical paper.

So in these past few weeks I have been doing lots of photoshoots where i need to give my input in the styling. The work must have increased by a million times and it is amazing how small the world is getting. I will be going to Sun City this weekend with my close friends and really can’t wait for the break. So simplicity in a nutshell:

1. Styling for shoots
2. Did my first Skype interview for a magazine from UK called, Protein.
3. Getting clothing sent over from Malaysia for the awesome company called ‘IWEARSIN’, where I need to wear it, photograph it and put it on the net. The clothing is just lovely
4. Document my week for a magazine from Sweden called Bubble room. Cool fashion magazine.
5. Put a photo on lookbook recently that caused controversy ... my dog being too fat. At first i felt a bit agitated, because my dog is really my best friend (however lame that might sound), and she gets so much love now someone said i was cruel. So i thought ... then she has to go on a diet today. Enough with the fat she is on strict dieting now.
5. Write articles on fashion... sometimes i wonder what fashion is. I watched Gigi last night, I was so inspired by the set and the art in every single frame of the movie. Great fashion. Extravagant fashion ...awesome.

Ok my dear people have a great weekend. Random pictures of lovely things and awesome tattoo

au revoir God bless.


  1. Wow! All the things that you did sound awesome. Have a fun weekend at Sun City!


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