observings. for slower times

These past few days i have my new phase that i can now call the observation of slow living. Slow living can be mistaken for laziness. Laziness is the single most bone-less thing in my eyes. Wasting time is all but empty. But slow living is beautiful. It is moments in busy life that you stop. Almost put yourself out of your carcass and see all that is around you. It is something that you can practice. Life will become so much more out of the ordinary when we practice this effortless routine.

I was talking with a friend and we discussed how everything in modern day living had become fast. Fast food, fast architecture with non-sustainable structure unlike decades past, fast movies with no excellence. It all sounds a bit cynical. We kind of lost track of just... slowing down. Really listening when someone speaks to you. Looking them in the eye{s}. Taking the focus from myself. In that way we can give true brilliance and distinction in everything we do.

I really think hard work is of utter importance and that we will disintegrate if we don’t. But i also feel that there is the ‘slow-living’ in the hard work that we do. Even if, for just a moment in the rush we find the pause point. A split second.

‘I am who i am today because of the choices i made yesterday’ Eleanor Roosefelt


  1. so true! gorgeous photos too :)

  2. very nice photos, girl :)


    (check out my new post: golden rings)

  3. Anonymous10:42 PM

    I have been growing into this more thoughtful way of living, but I struggle with the fact that the people I am communicating with seem to feel the need to rush me. Finish my sentences, guess what I'll say next, hurry. Sometimes I am just left speechless and stunned. What is everyone racing towards?

    I like your blog...thanks for the words.

  4. thanx pink p and Carmen!! :)
    I know Jodikol. I felt the same way these past few weeks. That race seems so empty and it never ends. I think it is just finding a contentness in yourself (not always easy and not very constant also) but few people get that, as it is not yet a revelation to them that we are chasing boneless things sometimes... its so good to hear of someone that feels that same :)


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