I wanted to paste in some quotes about forgiveness but thought them all to be a bit humdrum. I always find it better to hear someone’s own point of view.I felt the importance of forgiveness in my yesterday.

This is how I see it:
Every single human being gets the opportunity in his/her life to hold on to a grudge or not let go of being angry at someone or something that hurt you in your life. The bad thing about a grudge is the fact that it does not only ruin and destroy you mentally, but also affects every single part of your body. When you are angry for a long period of time it physically makes you tired and lowers the production of endorphins. It is human to get angry and be mad at someone, but forgiveness goes much deeper. The moment you forgive, you do not only set the person or situation free, you set yourself free. The act of forgiveness goes with love. It is in a profound way a platform to loving people. It is said that you should love those who persecute you and forgive seventy time seven, which in essence is that you should never stop forgiving. We will always get the opportunity to stay angry. That is a choice like most things in this life.

I would also be a hypocrite if i said it is easy. I also just know that the practice of conscious gratitude, forgiveness is the most important step you can take towards peace of mind and emotional freedom. Life is too short to suffer and be held by the past in this way... the effect of forgiveness, even when the wrongdoer continues to do wrong, leads to freedom and peace.


  1. wow, great pictures!!

  2. absolutely incredible. i love that you are unashamed to write about our God. such an inspiration. you do it in a way that is calm and that people can relate to.
    you are so beautiful and this blog just gives me hope and peace. youre reaching out to people and i know you genuinely care.


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