Testing the strong ones

These past few days i have been listening to songs from the past and one that seemed so appropriate for my mood and ambiance at this stage, would be Copeland’s, 'testing the strong ones'. I truly love these words .

There's an angel by your hospital bed
Desperate to hear his name on your breath
As he looks down you're not making a sound
Open your eyes look at me
I'll bring to you whatever you need
And I'll tell you I'm sorry

That I can't take this pain away from you
And I'd put it on my own body if I knew how to
Can't you see?
I've gotta bust you outta here somehow
I've never seen your heart this tired
I've never seen your spirit held down
I know that you say
This is what you get
For being a bad child
But I know this will be your reward
In just a little while
In just a little while
Its testing the strong ones
Scarring the beautiful ones
It's holding the loved ones
One last time
Its testing the strong ones


  1. you always have the most beautiful photos :)
    love love love this post.


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