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Now my passion for all things vintage is growing in an immense manner every day. I know there is a cliché fashion towards it these days, but in a big way it is a good thing. Today i went on my usual hunting for understated treasures. I found lace shirts with real pearl buttons... lovely silk vests with fur features and quirky earth tone summer jerseys. My vintage range started off with sentimental ignorant love for eras and is hopefully heading towards eminence in textile and idiosyncratic designs that comes with a past. I will be selling the clothing soon (against my will initially) at a few stores in Pretoria, South Africa. I wanted to keep it exclusive by not linking it to any shop but now the time is here to share it... Here are a few photo’s that remind me of the collection in some way.

Vaarwel.... Y'all come back now my inspiration : love


  1. Such a pretty post!

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  3. Your blog is the nicest I've come across in a long time. Such beautiful photography and all so pretty.

    Will definitely follow it for inspiration!

  4. You have a lovely blog ♥.

  5. Even if vintage (thrift shopping) could be considered "cliche" it is a brand new way to revamp the clothing's of memories of one woman to share with another woman in a whole new style of a different decade! I don't think we should matter on who labels it "cliche"! I think money is our number one problem especially because it's not so easy to get the fashions that we dream of because of their obscene price. Vintage/Thrift shopping is the brand new black.

  6. sooooooo agree :) x

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  9. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing them, they're inspiring :)
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  10. thank you so much soooo happy to share my passion with people that feel the same :) x


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