Yesterday i had my birthday. I am officially 24. My aunt called me up and told me that i am but only an embryo. I liked that. I would be in the beginning phase of my life. I thought that beginning stage to be at 21 but i really feel a tangible change at number 24. Can change be tangible? I believe so, i look back at my life only a year ago and can’t imagine that i am still the same person. I don’t regret anything because i consider it to be part of the learning process of this thing called life. I just feel a bit different. I don’t really think it is linked to the age you turn but more toward the focus of your life. My enjoyments of last year have altered into enjoyments that develop and grow into something bigger this year. As i went out last night and truly had a blast, but i found myself missing home and writing at distinctive moments.

I feel something changing. Only recently. I like flowers. I love rain. I like creativity. I love thunder. I like clothing that is cotton. I love coffee. I like reading. I like my heart to change for real not fake. I like a heart. A heart is weird it brakes, it goes soft, it goes hard, it goes numb and then pliable again... then it changes... it goes real. ‘Realness’ turns into truth. Truth is so much more than just living...


  1. you always have such fairytale-like pictures. Beautiful. Plus I also have that green theebottle in my room :D


  2. happy late b-day! :)

  3. Beautiful post! Happy late bday!



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