The fish and the ocean.

I remember going to the library and taking the book that had a rustic almost dust like smell to it. It was clothed in a thick plastic outfit that could be taken off. I removed the plastic cover to reveal an almost velvet hairless hard-cover. It was magical. This would be the memorable day i would take out my first book at the school library. We had wooden dividers that would mark our place for the book we would request at the tender age of 5.I felt so indecisive, i could only pick one in the room filled with what looked like thousands of books. The book was about a fish. The girl that owned the fish gave the fish too much food and the fish got too big for its bowl and she had to throw it into the ocean. That was it. The moral of the story would be plain and simple. Don’t give your fish too much food. My first book that i took out of the library as if I was no longer a little kid but a proper human being; kids were barely considered human back in ‘93.

My new adventures have taken me to the world of consciously unconsciously escaping. I found that to be in reading. Not reading blogs (unfortunately). Reading real books. Dot get me wrong, I am a self-confessed recovering blog addict because it is my other form of escaping and in the human psyche, escaping is an important part of balancing life. But I found books to be different. It must be in the way it stimulates the senses. Just doing the bare action of holding it in your hands, touching the cover and the sound of turning the pages, plays a significant role.
I found that to be my dream world.

The fish and the ocean. Simple and short.


  1. I agree. There is nothing that allows my mind to enter a new world the way a book does.


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