Hannibal Lecter loved brains too

Yesterday i did an interview for a South African
Television program about my job and as i was typing out my questions for the answers i would potentially give, the thought came to me, that i had been doing a crazy load of
admin these past few weeks.

I consider myself to be a complete right brained child. But then i realized that the fact that i was right brain was not necessarily taking away my ability to do left brained tasks in pretty decent excellence. So the conclusion i conducted (after i forced my right brained-brain... tongue twister to think left), would be the following ( i had to research click on this Link) :

Don’t underestimate the mass inside of your skull, both
parties can be trained (left and right), in fact it is good to challenge your brain by doing the tasks you consider yourself not excellent in. When the brain becomes familiar with a certain pattern of things, it will not associate it anymore with bad connotations but bring it into habits, it simply takes a bit of time to familiarize the brain with new tasks.

Hannibal must have been great at everything...

Have a great day: The first photo is a photo of me taken by my Cousin, mentor and amazing friend Paula.


  1. i love read your post !!! such a good writer :)

    xx, yamina.

  2. I loved both reading and looking at this post. You're lovely :)

  3. lovely pictures!

  4. You have a wonderful blog,
    I love the first picture, oh no! I love all your photos :)


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