I have to get ready soon but i couldn’t help myself to write on the blog first. I met a new friend called Hope. Ironic, since my name also means hope and she told me about this book. It had such a profound concept that i just had to put it out there. When you have God in your life you are not a sinner, you are a saint who sins and have been redeemed by grace
That exact grace and love that you have already received should be your motivation to not want to do misdemeanour things again. Not works. But faith without works is dead also came up in my brain. So it is kind of this interesting contradicting but non-contradicting concept developing from a spiritual source, something that in my mind flows out of love and not obligation. ‘Hope’ that makes some sense. These pictures are inspired by this thought 


  1. Super beautiful post.

  2. I just found your blog through lookbook - i was amazed by your beautiful images! Your blog is definitely a place to be inspired by pretty pictures :)

  3. I saw your post on lookbook and then i came here & this is the greatest blog ever! i love all of your pictures, where do you find them from? i'm one of your blog followers now! <3

    i'm still very young, but because of your picture in another post, i decided i'm going to have my flower girls at my wedding be ballerinas!



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