to love in black and white

There is this nostalgic beauty in black and white photos. In way that it changes the ambience in an unexpected manner.  I browsed through some photos and just got inspired by the emotion captured.
I had coffee with my remarkably talented cousin Paula form Paula-B photography Paula-b Photography , I realized when looked at her photos again, how she manages to capture pure-raw emotion. When doing shoots, it is always immensely interesting working with different photographers, the way in which the trust in the photographer leads to giving more in regards to emotion. Sometimes oblivion works too, in not knowing when the shot is taken, portraying more genuineness. In many ways i have found ‘truth’ much more in ‘real’ photography like that. Now we can debate about how real photography could be, due to the reason that so much of it is staged. But in between the lines true talent manages to capture the love in black and white staged or by oblivion.

The first photo, Paula took of me, on our voyage to the Brian Boswel Circus.


  1. wonderful pictures! :)

  2. thank you so much Paula is an AMAZING photographer

  3. Beautiful photos and YOU are so beautiful too! :)

  4. Incredibly beautiful & waar x

  5. Beautiful. really beautiful

  6. You have interesting photos!


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