i love you pip

So they broke the news to us. In plain terms: Pippel has diabetes. Wow, that broke my heart so bad i had a panic hit. My favourite creature canine -undercover human got diabetes. It was the worst news i got in a long time. I was in denial at first and did not want to voice the ‘D’ word. It sounded so harsh for such a special dog.

The vet told us that it is an inherited illness and that she now needs to get 2 insulin injections every day.  It was such a shock for me to hear, i drove around today to just make sense of it all. I experienced it so intense because my love for her is so great. After the drive around my neighbourhood i took Pippel for another drive to visit my grandmother in the old age home. Every old man and lady had such a big smile when they saw Pip walking past and she loved to be around them. I decided to make it a weekly visit for her and the people love her too.

Somehow it gave me clearance in an unexpected way. I know that whatever we have been given on earth is pure gracious gifts from our Creator. No matter what comes our way we need to figure out how to make the best of our circumstances. Some circumstances are not going to necessarily be great or change (diabetes), but i need to figure out the best way to deal with it and somehow make it positive...

A few changes include giving her 2 injections every day in the morning and evening
Keeping a daily diary of her blood sugar levels and monitoring it. One weekly visit to the vet, for tests.
 Small price to pay for the joy she gives me.
So here's to no sugar! Viva INSULIN. .. And Dogs getting well soon.


  1. 'Every good & every perfect gift comes from above from the Father of lights...' James 1:17
    So mooi post, so beautiful!
    Sterkte aan Pippel, weet sy sal piekfyn wees in haar pragtige ounooi se sorg x :)

  2. aww ill pray for pip <3

  3. ohh, all the best for your little pippel.

  4. What a beautiful tattoo, and I love that braided/twisted dress!


  5. I just stumbled upon your blog, as literally as that can be meant on the internet. My dear pup is diabetic too! Actually, she's not quite a pup, she's eight years old and has been diabetic for two years, but she's only fifteen pounds and is still such a playful girl that I feel like she's more pup than dog. It was awful when she was first diagnosed, but the insulin really really helps and makes her function properly that it's difficult to hate it - as much as I didn't like giving the injections at first. Best of luck to you! Pippel will be alright.


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