Lady Di

This week had interesting written all over it. Juggling everything from work, friends, family and our newly found patient: Pippel. In the last post I just found out that Pippel had Diabetes. Pretty scary, knowing that she had to get 2 injections of insulin everyday and me-myself having a total misconception about what it meant to be diabetic. 
I gave her, her first injection today. Moral of the story it is NOT SO SCARY at all. Phew ....i saw it as a total obstacle and tried to avoid it a little...but this morning would be the first and it went great. With the insulin needle, you barely feel the prick and she is doing so much better since the medication. I feel so thankful toward God for creating cleaver little (my comic image) scientists with crazy white hair and them discovering Insulin, making the lives of many humans, semi-human{s} (insert Pippel here) and animals normal.

Plus,there’s so much information on the Internet that you just cannot go wrong. I saw this photo tutorial of the canine injection method and had to think about how the Poodle in the photo (i gave the poodle the name: ‘Lady di’ for being diabetic) bragged to all her Dog friends (in a French accent), about how she is the Model/spokes dog/ and face of Diabetic dogs... (Lady di-  link)

Here’s to Poodles being models
All is well. I love Daisy Bell listen here
Have a great day. Peace 


  1. Gorgeous little ones!!!

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    wow, the CUTEST kids ever!

    <3 jade

  3. great post! i love the colours! :)

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